Our Non-Profit Accounting Clients

At Magone & Company, P.C., we understand that non-profit organizations play a valuable role in the local community and we support their efforts by assisting them in maintaining their finances. Our non-profit accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services are designed to manage the financial side of a number of different kinds of non-profit organizations. Whether your organization is a charity, foundation, religious group, or other type of non-profit, we'll help keep expenses in check so you can concentrate on working with people in your community.

Magone & Company, P.C. is different from the average New Jersey CPA firm because we understand the unique and often complicated accounting requirements of non-profits. When you become our client, you'll feel confident knowing a trusted financial professional is overseeing and improving the financial aspect of your organization while you work to grow your memberships and improve your services.

We’d like the opportunity to learn more about your organization and discuss how our non-profit accounting and tax services can assist you in accomplishing your mission. Call us at 973-301-2300 today or request a free initial consultation through our website now.We work with a variety of non-profits in New Jersey including:

Health and Human Services

Adult foster care homes, health care facilities, advocacy groups, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, schools, and more.

Churches and Religious Groups

Churches, mosques, temples, small church groups, and other faith-based organizations.

Charities and Foundations

Animal rescue facilities, environmental conservation, performing arts, museums, historical societies.

Membership Organizations

Chambers of commerce, trade associations, and other not-for-profit membership organizations.

Schools and Universities

Parochial schools, public schools, religious schools, and universities.